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I started this travel page just before taking a year-long sabbatical around the world in the year 2000 and 2001. Since then, I have less time to travel due to family life and working. I've also taken a bunch of week-long trips to Mexico and Cuba, plus city trips trip to places like New York City, Hong Kong, Montreal, Singapore, San Francisco, Bucharest and many others. I also enjoy hiking and scrambling up the steep Rocky Mountains in Alberta and B.C. Most of these trips don't have write-ups, but you can often see pictures of my trips so check out my pictures section. They were all fun. In other words, I love many different styles of traveling and hope you can too... from backpacking across India to the finest five-star hotels, and everything in-between.

If you are interested in backpacking and "roughing it" around the world, read on. If not, try out my pictures instead.

Backpacking across India

Are you planning to go backpacking to developing country like India? Or maybe Southeast Asia, or South America, or Africa? Imagine the cities, the jungles, mountains, beaches and forests around the world... not to mention the people you'll meet, the stories you hope to remember for a lifetime, the incredible food, the ladies, the parties including the full moon parties... it will be amazing for you. I've spend eight months traveling across India, and three to four months in Southeast Asia with lots of fun and incredible experiences, with great enjoyment along the way. I put together a planning page that might help you out, if you plan to take a small backpack and travel light, so you don't get bogged down.

fish in the sea I spent 2002 and part of 2003 traveling, most of it in India and parts of Southeast Asia -- but also Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia. In November 2001 I left my awesome job, sold my hot BMW, rented out my house to a nice older couple and departed Canada to travel the developing world and to write a book (fiction, and inspired by my travels). It was an incredible experience that opened my eyes to a world of culture and travel that few people ever seem to see. I honestly didn't know what it was like to spend any time in a poor developing country with a billion (mostly) peaceful people.

In southern Laos, I ate perhaps the most unusual meat snack in the world: it was wrapped in banana leaf, and was a small square package. I untied the leaf, unrolled the package and discovered a bright red, meat-like substance with white vermicelli noodle-like things weaved inside of it. I looked at it carefully for several minutes to ensure the noodles were not moving - I thought they might be worms or maggots. I touched the red part to my tongue: tasted salty. I glanced around and saw other people had popped theirs into their mouth. And so, I took a bite and then popped the rest of it in my mouth too. I'm still not sure what it is... but I think it was some kind of pickled meat. It was delicious and very weird. A little quirky, kind of like me. Later that same day, I saw people picking up giant beetle-like bugs off the road and taking them home to eat them. Yuck. So I have limits too. Third-world travel isn't always easy, but it's almost always exciting and fun. Plan ahead. Build an itinerary - it helps to talk to someone who's been where you're going, especially for Laos and India. Also consider planning your travels in a practical way. And packing your bags.

My own first stop on the learning train was with some personal security awareness training (I wanted to stay alive, and not be thrown in jail) in the form of Randy Johnson's "travel like a vagabond" series: Travel Safety and Security.

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