Things I had (and was still using) when I returned a year later:

  • 1 nicely worn travel pack, 45 Litres.
  • 5 pairs of underwear, very important :)
  • 2 pairs of shorts (one doubling as a swimsuit)
  • 1 pair of thin Thai cotton pants
  • cheap flip flop sandals - they are a big mistake
  • 5 cotton shirts, very thin, picked up along the way.
  • 3 sarongs, bought along the way - useful for many occasions.
  • few strips of thin cotton, used to tie up rolled clothing
  • giant box of tooth floss.
  • money belt, essential
  • swiss army knife, well used
  • bottle of iodine, well used
  • moleskin for blisters, well used
  • laundry line, well used
  • 4 or 5 small locks with keys, very useful
  • candles, very useful and romantic in 3rd world
  • address book, essential
  • earplugs, moderately useful
  • digital thermometer, used once.
  • tiny, tiny med kit: cotton bandages, tape, folding scissors, band-aids
  • drugs: Cipro antibiotic, ibuprofen, sinus meds, boro cream antiseptic
  • local variety of bug spray, contains citronella
  • mini flashlight, saved my life
  • 4 oz bottle of shampoo, very durable lid
  • soap wrapped in one Ziploc bag
  • lots of shitty Ziplock brand bags that were broken.
  • zippered cloth bags would have been better!
  • very thin cotton towel, which looked like a rag
  • lots of unused diahrea pills - just drink tonnes of water!
  • pictures from along the way
  • no toilet paper (nice to meet you!)
  • digital camera and rechargeable batteries/charger
  • electric shaver and cord
  • lots of tiny shit in a plastic bag: thread & needles, business cards, lip gloss, Canadian flags
  • a pac-safe metal mesh bag, used exclusively for the computer.
  • laptop computer in separate courier bag
  • courier bag, with: power adapter, extension cord (very useful), small surge protector & two A/C plug adapters.
  • too many unused condoms!!!

    Somehow, when I came back my bag was much less "stuffed" than when I left. I attribute it to a keen sense of "I travel fast" and the thin clothes found in the tropics. Like everyone, I took much more than the above, and didn't use much of it. I mailed back all the stuff I wanted to keep but was unimportant, and gave the rest away.

    My only advice: focus on your clothes. The warmer the climate, the thinner the clothes and the more skin that ends up being shown. This is true for males and females. Travel light but look good.

    More travel stuff...

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